Ngöndro: Foundational Practices

The course is structured based on the nine parts of the ngöndro, with a section for each practice section, plus an introduction, and some final advice. Most have a teaching video, a guided practice video, audio recordings of the teachings and practices that you can download and keep. There are also images and other materials to support your practice. The sections of this course are:

  • Introduction
  • Opening Your Heart with Guru Yoga
  • Impermanence
  • Admitting Your Misdeeds
  • Bodhicitta: Generating the Mind Intent on Enlightenment
  • Going for Refuge
  • Offering the Mandala
  • Purification Through Mantra
  • Offering the Illusory Body as a Tsok
  • Request for Blessings
  • Accumulations and Advice

You may already be familiar with some of the practices here, but even so, all of the practices reward deeper study, reflection, and accumulation. And, you will find that there are variations on several of the practices. Also, notice that you may know prayers of the same name, such as the Bodhicita and Refuge Prayers, but the words and melody are different here. Different teaching cycles have different prayers that share the same names.