Ngöndro: The Foundational Practices

The ngöndro teachings are a set of nine practices that offer complete instructions for taming, purifying, and perfecting the suffering mind. Although these practices are considered the foundation for entrance into the five-part cycle of Tibetan Bön dzogchen teachings – Bön’s highest teachings on the nature of mind – many practitioners adopt the ngöndro as their main meditation and complete the nine sets of 100,000 repetitions over the course of a lifetime. Within each is contained the entire path to liberation. They are considered to be the Foundational Practices for the entire tradition.

Course Dates

March 4 - December 16, 2023

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Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche rarely teaches the ngöndro, and recommends it for dedicated practitioners who feel a strong connection to the Bön lineage. Within the ngöndro are found practices that are used within many other practices, such as the Guru Yoga Prayer, Bodhicitta Prayer, Refuge Prayer, Prostrations, and the Three Heart Mantras, so the ngöndro supports and deepens all other meditation practices.

This online course is drawn from recordings when Tenzin Rinpoche taught the ngöndro at Serenity Ridge in Virginia in 2014 over the course of a week-long retreat. We have added additional recordings to flesh out the teachings even further, including demonstrations by Geshe Tenzin Yangton on how to create a shrine, make prostrations, and perform mandala offerings, so this is a very full and comprehensive course, even more than was included in a week-long teaching retreat.

Rob Patzig will be the mentor for this course.

The ngöndro practices are in three groups.

1. The Three Practices for Taming Oneself:
  • Opening Your Heart with Guru Yoga
  • Impermanence
  • Admitting your Misdeeds
2. The Three Practices for Purifying Oneself:
  • Bodhicitta: Generating the Mind Intent on Enlightenment
  • Going for Refuge
  • Offering the Mandala
3. The Three Practices for Perfecting Oneself:
  • Purification through Mantra
  • Offering Your Illusory Body as a Tsok
  • Request for Blessings